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In January 2017 a report from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources was sent to members of the Minnesota State Legislature concerning prescribed burn requirements in Minnesota. The report recommended that a Prescribed Fire Council be established in Minnesota to provide non-agency oversight for prescribed burn practitioners within the state and promote the use of prescribed fire as a land and habitat management tool. The report suggested the Council focus on education and outreach, training, government relations, liability, implementation and standards, and tracking of MN certified prescribed burners. The Minnesota Prescribed Fire Council (MN-PFC) was formed in 2018 with representation from private, non-profit, and non-agency fire practitioners as well as MN DNR fire managers. Bylaws and a mission statement were developed and adopted by the MN-PFC in September 2017. As of 2022, the Council is currently working to grow communications, membership, leadership, and identify strategic, measurable goals to increase the use and acceptance of controlled burning as a stewardship tool. Join us and help shape our future.

Click the link for a copy of the report: 2017 Prescribed Burn Requirements Report

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